Focus your daily activities to include others

What are some activities which you will do anyways that you can channel into more focused activities to include others, build your skills, and increase productivity? By taking many of the things we do to public-facing platforms, we can both benefit from the accountability of cultivating an audience/following while simultaneously helping others get started (or continue making) positive changes in their own lives. by taking up the burden of opening oneself up to criticism, we do have to do some extra work; but the potential payoffs for doing this are HUGE!

“I should do XYZ more…”

Most people can name at least a few activities they would theoretically like to do more, for instance: getting exercise, reading/studying, or connecting with people.

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What holds us back from doing more? One reason I have found myself “slipping through the cracks” and failing to do more is because I have chosen to do things alone rather than with other people. While certainly there is great power to be found in intense, individual focus (only you can focus your own attention), choosing to do things one’s “own way” can quickly become an excuse to insulate oneself from criticism which, although painful, can be useful for refining our actions (the goal of practice).

Co-laborers: Sharing in difficulties

Understanding that lots of the things we would like to do more of (e.g. getting fresh air) can be difficult to get ourselves to do if we’re already settled into some routine (“starting is half the battle”), using accountability is an incredibly powerful technique to force us to think beyond ourselves and to focus on the needs of others.

Let’s get a bit meta here: what is one way to focus on doing more and better writing? One way is to get a circle of writers going. Committing to delivering writing on some regular interval and reading others’ writing is a sure-fire way to both start building a little network (at least those people within your circle will take note of what is being said) and sharpen your own skills at being a productive/prolific writer.



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